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A large range of carpet dryers for sale and the best possible prices. Great for areas suceptable to flooding or high humidity. Simply lift the edges of the carpet, place the carpet blower - air mover under a corner, and start drying! This can take anything from a few hours to a few days to dry. NOTE: it will tend to smell while wet - but the smell dissipates once completely dry.

Air Movers Explained

Air movers explained

Air movers are an important component of drying, especially in water damage restoration, because they increase the evaporation rate of a material by lifting moisture from the surface up into the air where the moisture can be collected and removed. Restoration Express offers several types including turbo dryers, ductible axial fans and high-volume axial fans. Each type can be combined with dehumidifiers and other equipment to create a complete drying system.

Carpet dryers & carpet blowers for sale cheap online

Turbo dryers (also known as carpet dryers, carpet blowers, turbo fans and snout or snail type air movers) Provide continuous, high velocity airflow for fast, efficient drying of carpets, floors and other surfaces that have been water damaged.

They are also useful for carpet cleaning and drying freshly plastered or painted surfaces. Turbo dryers such as the Tempest below, feature a rugged housing constructed of high-density polyethylene and a stackable design for easy storage.

Commercial axial fans for water damage

Axial fans - such as the one featured below, deliver high volumes of air through a large opening to boost drying power in remediation applications involving water damage. They are used to remove moisture-laden air from the area being restored to increase the rate of evaporation, boosting the effectiveness of dehumidifiers. The variety of sizes means you can choose the right size fan for the application in hand, either domestic or commercial.

What types of fans are available?

Mechanical ventilation is the movement of air from one space to another as well as supply of fresh air into the air-conditioned space.

Mechanical ventilation assists in controlling the humidity, contaminants, air-borne particles, and general air quality. The movement of the air is achieved by the employment of various types of fans.

Types of fans

Fans are identified by several groups according to the path taken by the air through the impeller and the resulting mechanism of pressure generation.

The propeller fan

What is a propeller fanPropeller fan

The impeller is mounted in a ring cowling. The air is discharged with both axial and radial components.

They are high volume, low pressure fans and their pressures do not exceed 200 pascal.

The impeller is directly mounted on the drive shaft of the motor. These types of fans are normally mounted in walls.

The axial flow fan

What is an axial flow fanAxial flow fan

The air flows straight through the impeller at a constant distance from the axis. They are sometimes called tube axial fans. They are designed to handle low to high pressure ranges of a system.

The amount of pressure developed depends on the speed of blade rotation, number of blades on the impeller, and the blade angle. The impeller is housed in a short or long casing.

The centrifugal fan

What is a centrifugal fanCentrifugal fan

In the centrifugal or radial fan, the air enters the impeller axially, turns 90?, and is discharged radially into the casing.

The impeller produces pressure from the centrifugal force created by rotating the air column enclosed between the blades and the kinetic energy imparted to the air by virtue of its velocity leaving the impeller.

The pressures developed are medium to high pressure. The impeller blades may be forward curved or backward curved depending on the volume and pressure.

Vendor Samples

Turbo Fan - Helix 2200 Air Mover

Turbo Fan Helix 2200 Air Mover For Sale
  • Height: 445mm
  • Width: 435mm
  • Depth: 440mm
  • Power Consumption: 530 Watts

Turbo fans are for fast and professional drying of carpets, floors, walls, ceiling and furnishings after cleaning or flood restoration.

The extremely high air flow helps water evaporation, drying wet surfaces within a much faster time.

Aerodynamically designed to minimise air friction and noise. 4 drying positions to suit ALL drying requirements.

Aerial AirMaxx 2000-H

Aerial AirMaxx 2000-H For Sale
  • Height: 225mm
  • Width: 440mm
  • Depth: 410mm
  • Power Consumption: 280 Watts (without heater on) 2815 Watts (with heater on)
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Air Volume: 2000 cubic meters/hour

A powerful and robust German-built air mover, with the added advantage of a heater, and the ability to direct the output to three different areas by added hoses (optional).

As with our other Aerial products, this is supplied with a 2-year guarantee 4m offering complete peace of mind

Axial Fan

Axial fan air movers for sale
  • Height: 560mm
  • Width: 585mm
  • Depth: 210mm
  • Power Consumption: 110 Watts
  • Weight: 6.2kgs

This robust & portable fan is ideal for the effective movement of large volumes of air in numerous locations, both domestic and commercial, 18" (457mm) fully enclosed, 3 blade high velocity impeller 3 speed control.

Robust tilt stand for direction of air flow Durable all-steel construction frame & fan guard with carry handle. (Specification may vary).


Hyperfan air circulation

Sunlight Supply® Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of the Hyperfan™. Best in its class, Hyperfan delivers the highest CFM's per watt of any fan in the industry. Hyperfan uses next generation Multi-Phase EC Motors that energizes the motor 12 times per revolution.

Power delivery to the fan blade is smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free. Hyperfan uses up to half the power and produces much less heat than other mixed flow fans.

This results in greatly reduced energy costs, less wear, improved reliability and increased lifespan. Hyperfan produces up to a staggering 2.4 in. of water gauge pressure—the highest pressure of any fan in its diameter— delivering more air movement through ducting, carbon filters or air-cooled hoods.

Detachable speed controller is included. Available in a 6-in. with 315-cfm size, an 8-in. with 710-cfm size and a 10-in. with a 1,065-cfm size.