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During summer days, people complain of heat and humidity. To make themselves comfortable, they drink lots of water to feel cool inside, turn the electric fan on to dry up the sweat, and plunge in the pool to freshen up and cool their bodies from the surface.

However, there are days during summer that these cooling down activities won't work; especially when we are inside our homes. These are the days when the air is humid and a commercial dehumidifier or permanent crawl space dehumidifier is essential.

Too much water vapor in the air during high humidity days prevent our bodies to release heat in the air and when we sweat, water vapor prevents them from evaporating and cooling off. This is the reason why we feel more in heat during high humidity days than in a hot day with low humidity level. Depending on the amount of moisture content and room size, you may need to move to a commercial dehumidifier.

So, to lower up the humidity level and make our homes more comfortable, there are a wide variety of whole home dehumidifiers and crawl space dehumidifier models in the market that help regulate indoor humidity.

A refrigerant dehumidifier with air conditioner is a best buy if you are in an area where the temperature during the year is mostly in the higher scale of the thermometer than in the lower scale. Refrigerant humidifier not only lowers the air humidity to 45%; it cools the air too during hot days. It helps climb up temperature without making the air too dry.

If you are, however, lives in a cool to freezing area, a desiccant dehumidifier will work for you best. A desiccant dehumidifier does not cool the air in the same way as a refrigerant dehumidifier does; it only controls the humidity level. But it controls the humidity automatically; lower it or put it up higher. It decreases humidity when the humidity is high (this is during hot or beginning of rainy days) and increases the humidity when it is too low, which is during crisp, windy or winter days, to make the atmosphere feel warmer.

Flex-a-lite 200 Commercial Dehumidifier Helps Control Humidity in Garages

Flex a lite 200 Dehumidifier

The new Flex-a-lite 200 Dehumidifier is able to help keep humidity in garages under control which helps protect cars and tools from rust and other issues that can arise from exposure to excessive moisture.

High humidity environments during winter and summer months can promote rust on sheet metal and chassis components and can also corrode tools or chrome finishes, a basement dehumidifier is almost a necessity in most states and seasons.

The commercial dehumidifier can remove up to 74 pints of water per day at 80-degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent relative humidity, and has an on-board humidistat to set the optimum humidity level for that garage. Additionally the product can also be used to dry an area after flooding or to help dry wet materials.