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A dry room can give you flaky skin, chapped lips, and even set off nosebleeds. While these are inconvenient, they aren’t as bad as what wet rooms can do. Too much moisture in your house can give you mold, mildew, mites, and promote rot. It also gives diseases a better breeding ground, since they generally love wet areas where they can raise their infectious little families. If you’ve noticed certain rooms tend to end up with droplets of water or condensation on the windows, they might be too wet. At that point, you need a dehumidifier.

A musty smell, dark spots around the corners of a room, groundwater dampness, or misting on the windows are all indicators of a space that has become too moist. Once you’ve determined that you need a dehumidifier, you’ve got to choose wisely, lest you end up overdrying the air. You want your machine to have a defrosting or de-icing feature because the coils can become frozen if used for long periods of time. Usually you want one that can drain directly rather than using a bucket that you must empty. With one of the 7 best dehumidifiers, you’ll be high and dry in no time.

Eva-Dry Dehumidifier E-333

Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

Pro: Makes no sound at all
Con: Will need constant drying in very humid areas or larger rooms

Think Locally: Don’t waste your money on a huge 70 pint beast when you just need to dry out a localized area. The E-333 is made to handle confined spaces that can become overrun with mold. We found it especially useful in damp, dark corners and cabinets where mold and mildew love to live. Stashing it under your sink or in a musty cupboard can be a quick fix that will save you cleaning down the road. Granted, it can only hold 6 ounces of liquid, but that will work for up to 300+ square feet, making it the ideal bathroom accessory. No batteries or cords are required since this is made with silica gel that absorbs ambient moisture naturally.

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NewAir Dehumidifier AD-250

NewAir AD-250 Dehumidifer

Pro: Small size fits almost anywhere
Con: Can only dehumidify 25 pints per day

Small Spaces: Apartment dwellers and even those who are just looking to mitigate moisture in a single room shouldn’t be forced to settle for inferior products. Though this only has a 25 pint capacity, it includes the draining features and auto-defrost function usually reserved for only bigger units. It runs quietly, which makes it much better for places where you don’t have space to burn. The small footprint and high efficiency, not to mention the low energy draw, keep the cost and the hassle of maintaining it to a minimum. Capable of draining straight out or using a reservoir, it’s a lot of power in a small package.

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Danby Dehumidifier DDR30A2GP

Danby DDR30A2GP Dehumidifier

Pro: Uses ecologically-friendly R-410A refrigerant
Con: Smaller brand means limited support

Most for the Money: Danby is looking to shame other dehumidifier manufacturers into either dropping their prices or stepping up their game. Able to take on rooms or homes as big as 2,000 square feet, this runs surprisingly quiet for the amount of moisture it can remove. In addition to being effective, this operates well in cold weather, able to continue running at about 40-degrees Fahrenheit without freezing up. It uses a much larger 3+ gallon tank that doesn’t need to be emptied every day, or can be setup for gravity drainage. It looks good and is simple to operate with a big, friendly electronic control panel.

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Keystone dehumidifier KSTAD70B

Keystone KSTAD70B Dehumidifer

Pro: Alerts you when filter is dirty
Con: Requires side ventilation due to side airflow path

DIY Friendly: Cleaning one of these out is a task you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. It’s difficult and unpleasant in the extreme, but Keystone has managed to make it a whole lot less painful than their competitors. You can access the innards of this model easily and pop out the dust filter for quick maintenance and better cleaning for clearer air.

Not only is it easier to maintain and therefore cleaner, it has most of the bells and whistles you’d expect. An automatic restart after it loses power means you won’t need to reset it. A 1.3 gallon tank for removing 70 pints of water per day that handles nearly 1,500 square feet of space (depending on humidity), and a 24-hour timer make it a low-maintenance marvel. Uses the tank or can drain directly.

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Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704DWD

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Dehumidifier

Pro: Controls are extremely easy for anyone to use
Con: Humidity monitor is not exact

Best Balance: You really can’t go wrong with this model from Frigidaire. The price is right, the controls are stunning, the capacity is high, and everything about it says it is truly a piece of modern, fire-and-forget technology. It can handle up to 1,400 square feet, taking out up to 70 pints per day.

A convenient removal outlet lets it run continuously without interference, so long as you have a nearby drain to remove the water. The controls are electronic permitting you to determine the exact moisture level you’re seeking. Includes a visible tank monitor and automatic shut-off should it get filled.

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DeLonghi Dehumidifier DD70PE

DeLonghi DD70PE Dehumidifier

Pro: Easy to setup and use
Con: Waste of money if you don’t need the pump feature

Pumped Up: Your average dehumidifier offers you only two choices: Empty a bucket or let gravity drip your unit dry into a drain. Thanks to the pump built into the DD70PE, you now have the option of putting this virtually anywhere and having it crank the water to a sink or other drainage outlet, even if that is above the unit or across the room.

The defroster lets it keep working even when the temperature gets into the 40s so you can get three seasons worth of wetness protection. 24-hour timer, LCD controls, and an alarm to alert you that it needs to have its bucket changed all make this 70 pint unit an excellent buy.

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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Compact 2

Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier

Pro: Adept air filtration system
Con: Expensive

Duct Work: Easily the ugliest option on the list, this has a special place put well out of sight. It is made to be used industrially inside of air ducts to help keep both the interior of the building and the air that is pumped throughout a centralized heat or air conditioning system dry and clean.

The exceptionally high price might seem excessive given the 70 pint capacity, but it’s shape makes it incredibly effective for large-scale jobs, working in shops or labs where moisture can wreak havoc. Older homes which are susceptible to moisture damage, extremely wet climates – like the Loosiana bayou – and professional outlets will want this, while it’s a lot of overkill for the average person.

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