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Throughout its 90 year history, Daikin has sold millions of air conditioning and heating systems in over 90 countries. They manufactures products for residential, commercial and industrial markets, and are one of the world's premiere innovators in terms of advancing HVAC technology Daikin systems are energy efficient and of high quality, and Daikin backs them with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, as well as the Daikin Comfort Promise.

Daikin North America, LLC makes their HVAC equipment right here in the United States, hiring American workers and opening up domestic factories. Daikin is not only creating jobs right here at home, but they're manufacturing parts and practices all meet the high standards set for appliances that are made and sold in the United States.

In other words, you can be confident that what Daikin makes is of great quality.

Daikin is pushing heating and air conditioning technology forward by creating some of the most energy-efficient systems available. They design their systems with the consumer in mind, and are fully aware of the economic and environmental challenges of the future. As such, Daikin aims to be a driving force for solutions and change.



Ideal for heating and cooling small spaces, like a bedroom or a small apartment.


Suited for all-size homes. Cooling and heating is split into zones, and each is able to be controlled independently.


High-efficiency air conditioning with variable speed to provide an ideal level of comfort.


One system for all the heating and cooling needs of your home. These provide a consistent level of comfort for every room in your house.


As the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world, Daikin continues its nearly century-old traditions of quality, service, and innovation, and remains the leading brand among consumers.


  • Made in the USA (includes manufacturing and assembly too!)
  • Unit replacement warranties of 12 years
  • Quality standards for manufacturing equivalent to Toyota and Lexus
  • Prioritization of clean air quality and standards
  • The Daikin Promise: To provide you with comfort for life


The Daikin Promise is to provide you with comfort for life, with a guarantee that our products and services will meet those expectations- it's a commitment we make with enthusiasm and passion, and we are the only manufacturer to put it in writing!


Daikin shifting to 100% inverterisation of splits by 2010

Daikin Company says overall, it is looking to increase market share in India, South America, Southeast Asia, and in Middle East and Africa.

Daikin is pursuing a shift to 100% inverterisation by 2018 in the Middle East region, the company revealed to Climate Control Middle East.

This is being done to address the increasing emphasis many countries are placing on reducing energy consumption, said Tuna Gulenc, General Manager, Daikin Middle East and Africa.

"All the world is moving in the same direction, based on the same concerns - energy efficiency and energy consumption," said Gulenc.

"This is why we decided to take the lead in the Middle East to move the full product range to inverters and to shift Middle East market to inverters. Daikin's focus is on consuming less energy and providing a better product for the customer, end-user and society, in terms of energy consumption."

Gulenc drew from his experience in the Middle East region, before going to Turkey, "When I came back to the Middle East, I feel the difference completely." he said. "Now, the government, contractors, consultants and even end-users - everybody 's more concerned about energy efficiency and more interested in inverters."

Gulenc said that awareness of the benefits of inverter-based technology in the Middle East is very low. though, especially when compared to other regions.

There are a lot of opportunities for growth, he said, adding that Daikin has had good projects, because it has become easier to convince professionals, like engineers, the value of the life cycle cost of consumption.

This goes a long way. he said, in battling the idea that inverter-based splits are only for high-end projects.

He added that the best example of this is a recent project, where Daikin provided 8,000 inverter-based splits in a labour camp in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

This was, Gulenc said, because "they are aware about the energy consumption, and we were able to explain and defend our case".

With most sales of inverter-based splits going to projects, Gulenc said the main bottleneck is communicating facts and figures to promote better understanding among the people.

Overall, Daikin is looking to increase its market share in key regions. Ryoji Sano, President, Daikin Middle East and Africa, revealed the company's global strategy and its commitment to increase its market share in India, South America, South East Asia, and in Middle East and Africa.

"We are targeting, in each region and in each country, the number one market share," he said. "In these four regions, we came late, so we have not captured the number one in the market, like in most regions. We need to focus on these four regions."