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A Look At The Mold Business In Australia

The one stable element in the Moisture Cure business is change If it sounds like a paradox, then you probably will not understand either how two people can have a passion for mold. Well, not mould as such but. getting rid of mold. Local businessman Bob Knuckey moved to the Mid North Coast town of Wauchope some 40 years ago... Bob and his partner. Christine, tell us about their thriving local business - Moisture Cure

Moisture Cure Pty Ltd began 15 years ago when Bob discovered there was very little information available on the Mid North Coast about dehumidifiers and how they can reduce mold and condensation.

Always looking for an edge in their existing floor covering business, Bob and partner Christine listened to their customers and often heard of problems in their homes caused by mold and condensation issues. Some basic market research was done, a small quantity of dehumidifiers bought, and the fledgling company called Moisture Cure was born.

"Prior to moving to Wauchope, I had built up a very successful business specializing in laying cork and timber floors in Victoria. I brought my experience and knowledge to the Hastings - because very few tradesmen were doing that here," says Bob.

"From a desire to save my knees for my other passion, cricket, I ventured into carpet cleaning and water damage restoration services. This is where I first became aware of mold and its potential impact on property and personal health. It was at this point that I also recognized another niche market."

"Having been made aware of the benefits of dehumidifiers, particularly in humid climates, I took a leap of faith and purchased a small quantity to trial in the local arena."

"In 2003, Christine came into my life and soon after joined me in the business. Together we have built up a successful multi-faceted business focused around the concept of home health and humidity control."

From these humble beginnings. Moisture Cure has now grown to be perhaps the largest independent importers and stockists of quality dehumiditiers in Australia. Bob believes they set the benchmark in quality machines, knowledge and the ability to find solutions for their customers.

"Dehumidifiers are what Moisture Cure has become well known for - we've literally sold thousands - but along the way we realized another major factor was influencing our customers' homes: the subfloor," says Christine.

"The subfloor of your home is often ignored. It's out of sight to most home owners, not a very attractive area, but it has the potential to effect the inside living conditions of your home big time. If this hidden area of your home is damp, moldy and has an unhealthy odor, it needs attention.

"Vermin, such as rats, mice and other unmentionables as well as a home owner's most dreaded enemy, the white ant, love these damp, unhealthy conditions."

"If you want to ensure your home remains healthy and doesn't become overrun with these nasties, make certain your subfloor is as dry as possible."

Thankfully, we found out it's not all gloom and doom. Some housekeeping and a bit of common sense can seriously improve the situation.

"First off, roll up your sleeves, grab a torch and venture into this other world!" says Bob, "Take a good look around. Can you see light shining through holes in the brick work? These are the breathing holes that ensure this area is being ventilated properly." If you can see there are very few, you probably need to install more.

"Secondly, check for rubbish that has been accumulating. Timber, old furniture, cardboard boxes - all of these encourage vermin and white ants and allow moisture to accumulate and should be removed."

"Can you see low spots that water can settle in? These need to be levelled out, so any water can easily run away."

"Maybe consider replacing your old wooden access door with a mesh door. This will immediately allow more ventilation into this area."

Checking your subfloor should become part of your normal home maintenance, and Bob suggests every 12 months.

However, if you want to ensure your subfloor is as healthy as possible, Moisture Cure offers you a comprehensive property inspection option.

As you can see. Moisture Cure isn't only about dehumidifiers. As Moisture Cure has grown. Bob and Christine have tried to surround themselves with people who excel in areas that we aren't necessarily good at.

Your first contact with Moisture Cure is often with Donna. Donna handles and directs phone calls, attends to showroom customers, arranges freight pick up for their online orders. Donna has also learnt some aspects of website maintenance and is able to keep their website up and buzzing.

"Roger is our back room technical manager who, as you would imagine, we call on for anything technical. Roger is also our commercial and industrial dehumidifier sales guru, if you want to know the square root of the FRAL 24 air flow outlet, Roger can explain it with graphs, charts and meters. Roger has fitted perfectly into our little team," says Bob.

"Our ducted subfloor installations are handled by Steve and more recently, Luke. Steve is a pretty big bloke, and I am often amazed at how he can squeeze into some particularly tight positions under homes without a word of complaint... well, sometimes he complains, but not often."

"Christine, as our Office/Accounts Manager, attempts to keep everything afloat while I come up with the ideas that require immediate action."

"Of course, Chnstine and I aren't just about work. We are both involved in Toastmasters, both the morning and evening group and are both keen tennis players, unfortunately at lower grades. As well as tennis and Toastmasters, we torture ourselves at the gym a couple of times a week, travel a fair bit and love dining out."

WEBSITE: Moisture Cure Australia


Sick of mould and musty smells?

Ausclimate dehumidifiers

Chris and Allan Bryan are Coffs Harbour locals who have experienced first-hand the problems caused by excessive moisture in the family home.

They realized the need for a high quality range of dehumidifiers to combat the region's wet and humid conditions, so they partnered with family members to create Ausclimate.

Ausclimate distribute their NWT brand dehumidifiers Australia wide mainly through their online store:

They believe in their products and stand by their motto: "Ausclimate's range of Dehumidifiers is the most effective, economical answer to moisture control in Australian homes". This is backed up by their 2 year full replacement warranty.

Chris is passionate about these dehumidifiers and recognizes many people aren't aware of the serious problems caused by excess moisture and dampness: "Musty smells, mold on clothing, footwear, furnishings, ceilings and walls. And don't forget those harmful allergens such as mold spores and dust-mites that can affect the health of our families".

Chris understands the difference a dehumidifier makes. "Everything smells fresher and feels so much drier" Meet Chris and Allan at our local shopping centers (see below). Have a chat and enjoy their friendly, expert advice. And if you decide to purchase whilst there, they will have in stock their full range of dehumidifiers at their great discounted prices.

Unsure what to buy? Just ask about their free no obligation home visits in the local area.