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Does My Airconditioner Need Regular Check-Ups?

Keeping Your Airconditioner Clean


Your air conditioner is one of the hardest working and most expensive appliances in your home, and it deserves some love and special attention. At least once a year, it's important to give your a/c system a full inspection and tune-up, to assure that it's running smoothly when you need it most.

If you live in a warm climate, chances are your air conditioner runs constantly for most of the year. During that time, filters will become dirty coils can become caked with dust, blockages may develop, and system leaks may become worse.

Any number of issues may develop in your system while it's actively working overtime to cooi your home and, conversely your system may also develop problems while it's dormant during the winter months. Servicing your unit allows any potential concerns to be spotted early, before they become worse.

If your air conditioning system has a small problem that you allow to spiral downward, a major repair could be in your future. The cost of an a/c repair - or worse, a full system replacement - is almost certainly going to be more expensive than a maintenance appointment.

The longevity and health of your system is only part of the reason why regular upkeep is a great idea. Annual maintenance assures that your system is working as efficiently as possible, using only the amount of energy it needs to get the job done, In short, keeping your system clean and tuned-up improves energy efficiency and will likely save you money on energy bills.

For older systems, this annual maintenance is even more important, and not just because it's at increased risk for breaking down. Older systems are less energy-efficient, and combined with the rising cost of power, saving money while using them can be a real hassle. By paying for a relatively inexpensive service call once or twice a year, you're almost assuredly going to get that money back in terms of what you'll save on bills. A service call keeps all systems running at an optimal level, and for older systems it may be what prevents a major malfunction.

Regular maintenance has an up front cost, but neglecting to do it could be far more expensive. In the end, a large repair bill is going to cost you far more, and the savings you'll reap on energy bills are worth the cost of an appointment. Remember, no machine is designed to work forever. Your a/c system needs to be taken care of properly and doing so could expand its lifespan well beyond the years the manufacturer ever intended.

Top 5 Things Your AC Wants You To Know

  1. Water can cause your condenser to rust and wear out more quickly. Avoid having your sprinkler spray on your unit in order to reduce the risk of corrosion.

  2. Remove debris, trim grass and tear out any bushes that restrict airflow. This will improve the efficiency of your system and reduce tne risk of it overheating.

  3. A system with varying speed options can conserve energy. Reducing your system's output during milder weather will save you money on energy bills.

  4. A programmable thermostat gives you better control over output. When your unit is only on when it has to be, you're going to see smaller energy bills.