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Keeping your cool when buying an air conditioner

Which air conditioner do you need


What you need to know when buying an air conditioner may be obvious to you, but not everyone is aware of what to look for. This might be a good article to reference for clueless clients…

Global warming has resulted in the southern hemisphere experiencing hotter summers and colder winters, with the result that South Africans are increasingly turning to air conditioners to provide relief from the extreme temperatures they regularly face.

According to Michael Mckechnie, business leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics, there are several factors to consider when buying an air-conditioner, such as energy efficiency, cost, cooling and heating capacity, installation and overall suitability to the home.

He provides the following tips for those looking to purchase an air conditioner:

Heating and cooling functionality

It is important to consider air conditioning solutions that offer both heating and cooling functionality, ensuring a comfortable environment during any season and reducing the need for fans in summer and oil or electric heaters in winter.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology provides advanced technology and offers a cost-effective and energy efficient option for homes. A non-inverter technology unit can best be described as a vehicle to which clutch control is applied whilst revving the engine - which uses a lot of fuel.

Conversely, inverter technology is like an idle vehicle, which is far more fuel efficient. An inverter unit uses a lot less electricity than a non-inverter model, so much so that it has been found that the daily running cost of an inverter technology air conditioner is less than the cost of a bottle of water per day.

"Air conditioners must always be installed by a qualified technician."

Air filters and purifiers

While some consumers still have the perception that air conditioners aggravate sinuses, the reality is that latest technology units, are fitted with air purifiers and high density filters, ensuring that pollen and other irritants are filtered so that the air inhaled is cleaner and purer.

As a result, allergies such as hay fever and sinusitis irritants get left outside of the home, which is particularly beneficial during spring and in between seasonal changes.

Air Conditioner Installation

In order to achieve the optimal result from an air-conditioner, it is important to ensure that it is installed by a qualified air conditioner technician.

If an air-conditioner is mounted incorrectly, the unit may not work effectively and may even consume more electricity.

Most distributors have approved installers that they can recommend. Either way, the important thing is that you make a well-informed decision best suited to your lifestyle.