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OCRAMclima DH Series Dehumidifiers

ocramclima dh dehumidifiers


Dehumidifier Description

  • 18 models available

  • Airflow 2100m³/h to 30000m³/h

  • Dehumidifying capacity 7 to 127 kg/h

  • Cooling capacity 10 to 180 kW

OCRAMclima DH Series Units are dehumidification units by cooling circuit, with heating recovery, designed for covered pools and other dehumidification applications. These units have been designed for indoor installations, optionally for outdoor installations.

Dehumidifier Options

  • Copper pipe coils and copper fins.

  • Auxiliary electrical heaters in 1 or 2 stages with built-in control.

  • Anti-Frost Thermostat.

  • Hot water auxiliary coil in two rows with proportional three-way valve with polyurethane or copper-copper coating.

  • With this optional the thermostat anti-frost is obligatory as safety system with free-cooling, if the unit works with low outdoor temperatures.

  • G4 filters.

  • Differential pressostat for clogged filters.

  • Discharge plenum.

  • Mixing boxes for free-cooling, with motorized dampers and centrifugal return fan in an independent module.

  • Flexible connections for the water condenser and for the hot water auxiliary coil.

  • Shock absorbers made of rubber.

Structure and Casing

  • Sandwich-panel casing made up in galvanized steel plate of 1 mm. covered with polyester paint outside and inside, with rock wool insulation of 25 mm.

  • Support frame and hinged doors to access to the sections of the unit.

  • Panels and doors with rubber joints to ensure water tightness.

Internal Configuration

  • G3 filter mounted on frame.

  • Direct expansion chiller coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins, with polyurethane coating.

  • Condenser coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins.

  • Stainless steel condensates drain pan with drainage outlet. This pan is inclinated towards the drainage outlet so that the water does not stagnate in the pan, avoiding sanitary problems.

  • Centrifugal fan of galvanized plate driven by belts and pulleys. Kit mounted over anti-vibratory supports and attached to the panel by means of flexible pipe.

  • Air by-pass damper.


  • High and low pressure pressostat.

  • Main door switch.

  • Protection fuses of the compressor and motor fan power supply.

  • Control circuit automatic switch.

  • Temperature limit thermostat at the inlet of the dehumidification coil.

  • Compressor anti-short-cycle timer.

  • Double access door to the fan.

Electrical Board

  • Complete electrical panel, totally wired.

  • General ground plug.

  • Compressor(s) and motor fan(s) contactors.