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Portable Dehumidifiers: Dehumidify Indoors, Anytime, Anywhere

Whenever you feel your palms sweat -- even if you are not anxious or your body seems to be in heat -- even though the thermometer reads lower than you have expected, it is likely that your body is reacting to the humidity in the air.

High humidity makes our body hotter than usual because the high contents of water vapor in the air prevents our sweat from evaporating and our surface body heat from conducting in the air. In fact, even if the temperature is just 70 degrees Fahrenheit, we would feel that the temperature seems to be at 75 degrees F. So to make our home, small office or warehouse more comfortable, there are portable dehumidifiers available in stores to lower down humidity levels indoors.

Portable dehumidifiers collects water vapor in the air, converts it to water, and then re-converts the water to steam for release in the air to maintain a 45% humidity level indoors. The reason for this is that 45% humidity level moisturizes the air in the ideal way, does not moist it up or dry it. The body responds well to this level of humidity. We all feel less exhausted or fatigued with this type of air.

Portable dehumidifiers are best for home use. They can be carried in any place in the house. During the day, portable humidifiers can be placed in the living or dining room. During the night, they can stand near the bedroom's night stand. In fact, there are portable dehumidifiers as small as facial steamers; they can be carried around by any adult in the house.

Small storage rooms can also benefit from portable dehumidifiers, especially if the room stores perishable goods. Portable dehumidifiers help in preventing molds and mildews from growing. Molds and mildews grow in moist areas and high humidity. Portable models can put the humidity level into equilibrium.