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Prolux Enfinity Brushless HEPA Air Purifier Dust Allergen Remover Ionic Air Cleaner 7 Year Warranty

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Manufacturer Description

The Prolux Enfifnity 5 speed air purifier has been designed to enhance allergic reactions and keep the air in your house pure and clean! The Prolux Enfinity uses a big hospitol size HEPA filter to get rid of dust and irritants, Ion for cleaning up the air, and the carbon filter for getting rid of odors. This energy efficient air purifier has been designed to run quietly in your house non-stop without being a distraction to your daily life. Merely plug it in, choose your setting, and relax knowing you will be breathing in cleaner air. So if you are searching for that clear breathable air, the Prolux Enfinity Air Purifier will be a terrific addition to your office or home.

Other Features-

  • 5 Speed Fan from extremely peaceful to extremely effective.
  • Indicator light tells the user when the primary filter needs cleaned.
  • Modes are: Manual Mode (most effective), Timer Mode, Sleep Mode and Smart Mode. On timing mode it allows the user to select time from 1 hour approximately 12 hours of run time prior to it shuts down. HEPA Filter filters down to a fantastic 99.975% (2.5 microns) of particles keeping your air clean and fresh. This filter is also infused with "Active Carbon Particles" which absord odors and pllutants like smoke, odors, formaldehyde, ammonia and other contaminants. The unit is also geared up with a Preliminary filter that helps filter big dirt and allows the HEPA filter to last longer.
  • Functions excellent for filtering out Pet Hair and Pet Dander. If

you are trying to find a powerful however peaceful Air Cleaner that you can set up in your house and ignore for years to come then consider the Prolux Enfinity Air Cleaner.

Product Features

Prolux Enfifnity 5 Speed Air Purifier is a powerful air purifier that is designed to clean pollution, odors, dust and allergens from your home or office. With its brushless motor (motor is designed to never wear out) it comes with an amazing 7 Year Prolux Factory Warranty! With this powerful but quiet motor it can clean an amazing 1000 sq ft (212 CFM). Five different speeds (from sleep mode to full power). LCD TOUCH DISPLAY WITH SMART AND MANUAL MODE - With Smart Mode the Prolux Enfinity automatically turns on when your air is dirty and automatically turns off when your air is clean. Also when your room becomes dark it automatically enters sleep mode where the LCD lights turn off and the fan speed drops. When the light enters the room again the Air Purifier goes back to full cleaning mode. Or the user can use Manual Mode where the user can determine any of the settings. HOSPITAL GRADE 3 STAGE FILTRATION - The Prolux Infinity Air Purifer comes with a large commercial sized Hospital Grade HEPA Filter. It is also composed of Carbon fibers which absorb odors and pollution. In addition to that the user may turn on the Ionic cleaning function which produces Negative Ions into your air. Negative ions are found to clear the air of dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses. SPECS - An energy efficient 45 watt 120 volt DC brushless motor that moves an amazing 212 CFM (cubic feet per minute) was designed so the motor never wears out. HEPA filter filters down to 2.5 microns or 99.975%. Negative Ions are produced at 3 x 10^6 / cm^3. Unit plugs into any standard 120 volt AC outlet. Cord length is 6.5 Feet long. The Air Purifier is 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide and 15.5 inches deep. 7 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY - The Prolux Enfinity Air Purifier is the energy efficient, reliable, and smart way to clean the air in you home or office. Boasting a 7 Year motor warranty and a 1 Year unit warranty, this product will provide you with years of comfort and clean air at a fantastic price.

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