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Odorox InAir ME to launch new air purifying and disinfecting system at The Big 5

Mobile Disinfection Unit Hydroxyl Air Processor

Process mimics nature to improve IAQ


Claiming that it cleanses the atmosphere by destroying odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOCs and allergens, Odorox InAir ME will be introducing the Odorox equipment, manufactured by HGI Industries, USA, at The Big 5 this year, as the only authorized master distributor in the region.

The Odorox equipment, based on hydroxyl generation, is an innovation that replicates the approximately five-billion-year-old process of nature, Odorox InAir ME said.

In an exclusive pre-launch conversation with Climate Control Middle East, SR Khanna of Odorox InAir MF. explained the scientific principle and process behind the product: "When the sun's rays enter the Earth's environment, the UV in them breaks the moisture and generates Hydroxyl radicals.

Hydroxyl is nature's principal atmospheric oxidant for cleansing our atmosphere and biosphere of excessive levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms.

Similarly, when air passes through a UV chamber in the Odorox system, the system deodorizes and decontaminates the air passing through and simultaneously produces the Hydroxyl radicals, which cascade in the air for oxidizing reaction.

The hydroxyl radicals comes in contact with hard and soft surfaces, like carpets and curtains, among others, in the room and destroys viruses and bacteria and neutralises VOCs and hydrocarbons. Other systems in the market work at a wavelength of 254 nm, which does not generate Hydroxyl, while Odorox works at multiple frequencies."

Khanna claimed that the system does not require all of the contaminants within a room to pass through the processing chamber. "Outside the unit, the hydroxyls immediately begin a cascade reaction in the air, creating even more hydroxyls," he said.

"The cascade of hydroxyls quickly disperses throughout the air and penetrates surfaces and objects, as it is 10 times more powerful than ozone, thanks to its higher oxidising level."

As it deodorises and disinfects the air, Odorox is especially effective in rendering plants, which are particularly malodorous, Khanna claimed, and added that since hydroxyl naturally occurs in the atmosphere, it's not harmful for living organisms. Allaying fears about the lifespan of hydroxyls, Khanna informed that the product was designed to merely mimic a natural process, especially indoor areas of the houses, commercial and industrial buildings that don't get sufficient sunlight, in essence, bringing the power of the sun indoors. The equipment does not need any chemical or other material to operate, he confirmed, and revealed that Odorox units could be retrofitted in ducts to tackle all mold-related issues.

People exposed to sick building syndrome, owing to poor indoor quality, could reportedly benefit from the use of the Odorox Hydroxyl generator, in particular people suffering from asthma, allergies, lung diseases, respiratory problems and weakened immune system.

Hydroxyl technology, said Khanna, was environmental friendly, safe and efficient, and various models were available to handle any odor or contamination issues in spaces within the residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial areas.

Giving details about the products currently available, he said that the Slimline and SanX models had a noise level of 55dB. The company is developing models with lower noise levels, he added.

Odorox has been tested before being introduced to the GCC market. Khanna cited two successful product demonstrations which he gave at Dubai-based Millennium Hotel and Murooj Rotana, where Odorox eliminated cigarette smoke and odors, neutralized VOCs and destroyed bacteria and viruses.